Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Je Pense

I find it easier to think if I am writing. Or, maybe, it simply is, that when I write, I can remember what I thought. Anyway, here goes.

So many questions, so many answers. Yet, the only question that I have gotten so far is whether we will be paid to work on the WichitaFaves project. The answer is yes.

That said, I should perhaps leave it at that. So many times, after listening to a lecture in class or reading a book, one comes away with only one thought, one idea, and one answer. Sometimes, there is no answer, but just an intriguing thought or idea with endless possibilities. 

Communicating ideas is no simple task. The American education system spends 12 years preparing students to think, then another 4 years in college, learning how to think for yourself. Getting that point across is not simple, for after 12 years of blah, blah, blah, most students are taught only to listen, and not to think; only to follow and not to lead.

I hope to get you to both listen and think for yourselves, to follow and to lead.